Animation Showreel


Animation reel breakdown

Featuring clips from:
Broken -
Stampede of the Fox -
Black Sheep -
Sweet Pixels Intro -
Sand Dragon -
Secret of the Stage -
Skyler -

Music: Rising Hope by Incompetech














Motion Graphics Showreel


Motion graphics breakdown

Clips from:
Sweet Pixels Intro -
Scheree Draws -
Once upon a time -















Black Sheep


Experimental replacement animation film with a narrative
















Sand Dragon


Stop motion made with sand
















Stampede of the Fox


Experimental replacement animation film.


































The Secret of the Stage


Made for the Sixty40 ProtoNinja awards (2011)
Theme: The Secret
















Photoshop Magic


Winner in the Adobe ANZ 'favorite features' compeition (video category) [ Article ]


















Made for the Sixty40 ProtoNinja awards (2010)
Theme: Underdog


































2010 Animation


A collection of animated pieces done over the course of 2010















Spotting Fish!


Made for the Moreton Bay for All campaign (2011)
















Over the Waterfalls

Music by Helen Trevillion
















Resolution Revolution


Introduction for the Graphic Design class of 2005